Day 3 – Love Focused BN4Real

Walking around NYC, I often marvel at not only how many people I pass, but how many unique individuals exist in one city.  The languages, dialects, accents, regionalism that differentiate me from pretty much anyone within arm reach of me at any given time makes smile on the inside and the outside.

I was raised in a city where different was normal.

Does that mean we didn’t/don’t have our bouts of violence sparked by zenophobia or racism?  No.  But it does mean I was conditioned to accept that differences were normal.  While we may not always feel love toward someone who’s viewpoints are completely different from us – we can at least focus on accepting the differences.

Try this for a day – everytime you have a judgmental thought about someone you consider “different” and therefore unacceptable – stop yourself, wipe your mind clean, and envision a rainbow, a sunset, a tranquil Caribbean blue ocean – then look at that person again.    Keep doing this exercise til you can actually look at that person and simply observe and not judge.  Even see if there is something about that person that you appreciate.

Then ask yourself which experience makes you feel most relaxed, most peaceful.

In today’s BN4Real visit – in “Delicious” we consider what makes for a normal relationship between a man and a woman who loves each other.  While judgements pull Helen and Elliot apart, appreciation and acceptance bring them back together.

Special thanks to the cast and crew who made this episode possible.


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